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Frequently Asked Questions [For more information click here]

Do I need a full bus to take the trip?
No…. You only need 35 members of your group to make the trip a success. If you should fall short of the required count, contact your Flagship Travel Club representative for suggestions as to how to make the trip possible.

What Group Leader Incentives are available to our Group Leader?
The first incentive occurs at 35 paid guests. The 36th guest is complimentary. The next incentive is at 40 paid guests. That allows the 41st guest to go complimentary. As the number of guests increases other comps become available. Check with your rep for more info.

When I reserve a date do I need to send a deposit?
No, not at all. Actually this is when the fun begins. After reserving your dates you and your Flagship Travel Club representative will decide together what type of brochures you may need [this is a free service we provide to promote your tour to your group members]. We also counsel you on industry standards for tipping and other concerns that you may have.

What do your tours include?
Our tours include, but are not limited to, Deluxe Motorcoach Transportation, Overnight Accommodations, Most Meals, Sightseeing, Gaming or other fun activities Contact your Flagship Travel Club representative for information specific to your tour.

Can I use my local motorcoach company and my favorite driver?
Yes you can. We will be more than glad to price your trip without Motorcoach Transportation.

What if one of my group members has to cancel their trip?
As the Group Leader you will be provided with a Trip Cancellation Refund Plan that individual members can purchase, affording them a full refund of monies paid to the tour operator as specified in the plan. Talk to your rep about pricing regarding your tour.

What provisions are available with regard to special needs of a group member?
All properties and other companies that we deal with are ADA compliant whenever possible. Discuss with your rep any specific requests you may have during our planning sessions, such as food types, rooming requirements, etc.

Will I be able to create my own itinerary for one of your tours on the website or in the book?
No and Yes. No that’s not an option because these specific tours have been timed and formatted to add value and efficiency to the touring experience. YES, we do have reps available to customize a trip to your specifications, although these types of trips tend to be a bit costlier because they are one-of-a-kind. Feel free to contact us.

Myrtle Beach
New York City
Cape Cod
St. Augustine
Grand Victoria
Foxwoods Casino
Destination Erie  

All Itinerary pricing reflects departures from these area codes only: 440 - 814 - 716
Contact us for prices from your area.

Washington D.C.
- Myrtle Beach - New York City - Cape Cod
Chicago - St. Augustine - Mohegan Sun - Branson - Foxwoods Casino - Belterra

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